Theme Packs

texOSX1.5(RC2) Theme Pack Ubuntu 8.10 (x86_64)

We have made changes to the theme pack! New Stuff And More!

Theme Content: Wallpapers, Skydomes, Cubes Caps, AWN Theme, Cursors, Icons, Emerald Theme, Upsplash Theme, Grub Theme, Fonts, GTK Theme, GDM Theme, Mozilla, MP, Pidgin Theme, Ryththembox 4 AWN, Sounds AND LOTS MORE!

Screenshots:texOSX Theme Screenshot 1

texOSX Theme Screenshot 2


What you will need:
Ubuntu 8.10 x86/64/ppc
The Theme Pack
Compiz Fusion (recent version)
Ubuntu Tweaks
And a good computer…

1*Extract the theme pack in a folder where ever you like.
2*Run within the folder.
3*Open Compiz Fusion settings and config as you like with the files in the theme folders.
4* very important: ENJOY!! 🙂


Special Thanks To:


need more help? contact MrPistol @


2 Responses to “Theme Packs”

  1. […] Thanks for your patience, meanwhile you can download the theme pack HERE […]

  2. The file host seems to be extremly slow… 😦 I love the theme though… 😉

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